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Find the Right Payment Device or Card Reader for your Business!

The EMV card reader has taken the U.S. by storm quickly becoming the technical standard for electronic card payments. By using a dynamic verification process chip cards together with EMV ready terminals and card readers will help to significantly reduce card-present card fraud. TeamNPC has the perfect EMV ready hardware for your business backed by our award-winning support team!

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EMV | MSR | NFC | CTLS | WIFI | LTE | A mobile POS, terminal, and business management system that fits in the palm of your hand. Clover Flex allows customers to pay how they want to, twice as fast.

Clover Go Card ReaderCLOVER GO Card Reader

EMV | MSR | NFC | CTLS | BLUETOOTH | iOS | ANDROID | Just charge, connect and pair the card reader with your Clover Go app and go where your payments go.

PAX A80 Credit Card TerminalPAX A80 SmartDesktop

EMV | MSR | NFC | WIFI | BLUETOOTH | ETH | DIAL | Equipped with a built-in camera, high definition 4-inch touchscreen display, and multiple connectivity options, the A80 SmartDesktop delivers transaction security and seamless user experience.

PAX A920 Credit Card TerminalPAX A920 SmartMobile

EMV | MSR | NFC | WIFI | 4G LTE | BLUETOOTH The A920 SmartMobile terminal delivers elegance, style, and security to every payment experience – no matter what your business type is or where you take payments!

Verifone VX520 TerminalVERIFONE VX520 TERMINAL

EMV | MSR | NFC | CTLS | ETHERNET | DIAL | Everything a countertop device should be. Lighting-fast, simple & secure, this power-packed payment terminal works hard so you don’t have to.


EMV | MSR | NFC | CTLS | 3G | 2G | Bluetooth | WiFi | Flexible connectivity options, large touchscreen and small size make it easier than ever to take payments anywhere with the Vx680. 

Verifone VX820 PinPad Card ReaderVERIFONE VX820 PIN PAD

EMV | MSR | NFC | CTLS Integrated PinPad with 3.5” color touchscreen & backlit keys ensure readability in any environment providing a secure and enjoyable customer experience.

Verifone MX915 TerminalVERIFONE MX915

EMV | MSR | NFC | CTLS | A complete payment solution packed in a sleek, space-saving design, ensuring payments are processed quickly and safely. Making a powerful statement – whether in a lane or on a countertop.


EMV | MSR | NFC | CTLS | GPRS | WiFi |  With an extended battery life, included thermal printer and multiple connection options the Dejavoo Z9 is the perfect solution for businesses of all types.

Dejavoo Z11 TerminalDEJAVOO Z11 TERMINAL

EMV | NFC | CTLS | DIAL | WIFI | Ethernet |  With a customizable “Favorites” Menu, and a simple “Call Me” button to request a phone call from a support representative, the Dejavoo Z11 provides an easy to use payment experience for everyone.

SwipeSimple B250 Card ReaderSWIPE SIMPLE: B250

EMV | NFC | BLUETOOTH |  SwipeSimple’s Card Reader B250 gives you the ability to accept credit and debit card payments through your smart phone or many tablets!

Ingenico iSC Touch 250INGENICO iSC Touch 250

EMV | MSR | NFC | CTLS | USB to POS |  With a smartcard reader that withstands 500,000 card insertions and has a lifespan of 1,000,000 signatures it is clear the iSC Touch 250 is designed for use in demanding multi-lane environments.