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The nature of business transactions has changed dramatically in the last decade, with a bigger percentage of the population choosing to use credit cards as their sole method of purchasing goods and services. In 2014, between 25-30% of American consumers didn’t carry a single dollar of hard currency on them on a daily basis. This puts the obligation back on Toledo retail merchants to accept all forms of payment, to avoid missing out on a significant percentage of their potential retail business. Thankfully, having an expert Toledo merchant services partner like NPC can help remove the barriers and get your business accepting credit cards with zero downtime or hassle.

On average, retail businesses that accept credit card payments see at least a 30% increase in sales. With the use of wireless technology and advances in payment processing, accepting credit cards is easy and simple for customers and employees. In most cases, your business can be approved for a merchant services account within 24 hours.

At National Payment Corporation, our goal is to help Toledo businesses grow quickly, by relying on our suite of powerful merchant solutions that are both affordable and scaleable. We offer superior customer service, credit card processing support, credit processing equipment and software to make accepting credit cards a reality for your retail business.

Make credit card processing a reality for your retail business today by partnering with National Payment Corporation’s expert Toledo merchant services team. For the first time ever, technology and software is available to make credit processing as easy for small and local retail businesses as it is for major retail chains. Make your credit payment processing as easy as the big box stores, and be rewarded with increased business and larger purchases over all.

If your credit processing hardware is not compatible with EMV cards, your processes will be halted as possibly fraudulent, and you will not be able to take credit cards. Avoid downtime and declined credit card purchases by calling NPC and getting your equipment and software updated before the change happens. National Payment Corporations team of credit card experts will keep your business running smoothly no matter what changes may occur in the credit card payment processing industry.

With a variety of options and technologies, we match the best product and service to meet your needs and the way you do business. We carry:

  • Countertop credit card readers
  • Handheld credit card readers
  • Wireless credit card readers
  • Mobile/cellular credit card readers
  • Integrated Point of Sales and inventory management systems
  • Advanced inventory tracking capabilities
  • Reward and loyalty card programs
  • Customer relationship management software
  • Online account and Quickbooks integration

NPC has the knowledge, technology and credit card payment processing support team you need to make your retail business a success. Whatever products you select, know that National Payment Corporation can make your electronic payment processing simpler, faster, smarter and more efficient.

Better Business: Increased retail customer satisfaction
Work Smarter: Expedited checkout and advanced credit card processing
Be Safer: Fully secured credit card processing transactions
Always Available: 24/7 Customer and payment processing support
Save Money: Highly competitive credit processing rates
Get Updated: Buyouts available for current credit processing contracts
Current Information: Online access to your account history and real time transaction monitoring

If you are interested in learning more about National Payment Corporation’s Merchant Services for Toledo retail businesses, or if you think your current credit card payment processor could be doing more for your retail businesses, call us today at 800-455-4577. Find out what National Payment Corporation can do to make processing credit card payments faster and simpler for your retail business and customers today.

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