• Point-of-Sale (POS) Solutions

    Merge your front and back office functions into one, easy to manage POS System

POS Solutions

An electronic-point-of-sale (EPoS) solution is a set of computerized equipment that helps your business manage the store checkout process, which includes transactions, sales, inventory, and more. More commonly referred to as a POS (point-of-sale) system/solution the basic setup involves a server with one more terminals, or computerized cash registers. Many small- to medium-sized businesses opt for a mobile, wireless EPoS system, using devices like iPads, iPhones or Androids as terminals. The right POS solution can provide a faster checkout through the ability to scan barcodes, process credit cards and print receipts. It also maintains an accurate, up-to-date account and analysis of sales and inventories, any of which can be automatically forwarded on to whoever needs the information. In short, POS solutions streamline checkout, reduce mistakes and keep you up-to-date with real-time reporting data available anywhere at any time. Saving you time and money. How’s that for ROI?

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All TeamNPC POS Solutions Include:

  • Cloud Access to Process Payments & View Reports Anytime, Anywhere!
  • Magstrip, EMV and NFC Acceptance via encrypted bluetooth card reader
  • Connect with 3G, WiFi, or both: Pick the connectivity that works for you
  • Bluetooth, Built-in or Remote Printer: Choose the right one for your needs
  • ‘Pay-at-table’ Hardware Options for Restaurants

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  • Clover
  • SwipeSimple
  • NCR Silver & SilverPro
  • Legacy Software Integrations

Basic POS Solution Features:

  • The most mobile solutions yet!
  • User friendly, easy to read signature capturing screen.
  • Accepts MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, and Debit cards.
  • Send receipts directly to your customer’s email account.
  • Signature capture handled through the touch screen on your device.
  • Voice 2 Text supported
  • Phone number reverse look-up for easily entering customer information
  • Small design allows for easy transportation.
  • Address Verification Software (AVS) increases fraud protection.
  • Auto-close program ensures prompt batching and funding.

POS Solutions Perfect for:

  • Any mobile business
  • Tradeshow
  • Locksmiths
  • Heating and Air Conditioning
  • Taxi / Delivery
  • Construction and Remodeling
  • Plumbers
  • Towing Companies
  • Mobile Auto Repair and Detailing
  • Door to Door Sales
  • Outdoor Merchants
  • Landscaping & Lawn Care
  • Any business who requires the capability of accepting cards without the use of a phone line.

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