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    Short-Term Consumer Lending Agencies

    Payment Processing Solutions for short-term consumer lenders.


Payment Processing for Short-Term Consumer Lenders

NPC offers an end-to-end payment ecosystem, supporting lenders with 24/7/365 acceptance and distribution.  We have multiple financial institutions and offer independent redundancy.  We specialize in helping lenders improve payment performance, compliance and payment methodology.  This methodology offers lenders improved collections, reduction in defaults and lowers payment processing reconciliation and overhead.

Instant Loan Funding

  • 24/7/365 Loan Funding in Seconds
  • 98% bank coverage
  • Multiple use cases
  • Push-to-Card technology

Lending Account Validation

  • Verify debit cards during underwriting
  • Identify card types
  • Confirm account status is in good standing

ACH Payments

  • Multiple ODFI banks
  • Redundancy
  • Same day ACH

Accept Bank Transfers

  • Provides tokenized account information and balance information with each transfer
  • Reduces returns and disputes dramatically from standard ACH

Debit Card Payment Processing

  • Full MasterCard/Visa Processing
  • Tier 1 Sponsor Banks
  • Sustainability
  • Next-day-Funding
  • No Reserves

Supported Lending Agencies:

  • Short-Term Consumer Lenders
  • Payday Lending
  • Installment Lenders
  • Subprime Lending
  • Tribal Lending
  • Marketplace Lenders
  • Buy here, Pay here
  • Rent to Own Loans

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