Customizable, expandable, and integrates with the tools you need — Poynt is made for each stage of your business.

New technology designed around you

Poynt was designed with the end user in mind, packaging all of the tools, software and resources any business owner could need into a sleek, easy to use POS system that looks as good as it functions. Customize your POS system to your specific needs, and tie it in directly to your financial overview, loyalty and gift card programs, and inventory tracking system all at once. Make sales easier, for you and your customer.

Manage your business anywhere with Poynt HQ

  • Terminal customization and management
  • Flexible analytics and reporting
  • User management & security
  • Easy to use app based system for downloading tools

Poynt’s POS solution is built to let you organize and optimize your customer payment flows seamlessly

Poynt Apps Marketplace

Unlock the power of apps on your Poynt Smart Terminal though our easy to use, app based tools. A wide variety of POS and business management applications are available, to customize your terminal and back-end processing directly to your business’ needs. We make running your business a breeze with built-in apps on your terminal that help you do everything from managing time sheets to inventory.