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Meet the Team



Brad provides creative direction for National Payment Corporation, while also performing the essential fiscal functions of the company.

Favorite part of your job: Working with the amazing people of team NPC, including my brother Mike, who have made this company so strong.

What would be your ideal way to spend a day off? Playing a round of golf and relaxing with my wife and family.



Provides general oversite for the company, leading and directing TeamNPC through the ever changing payment space.

Favorite part of your job: The people you meet, the businesses you get to correspond with and developing new relationships and partnerships.

What would be your ideal way to spend a day off? Hitting the links and spending time with my wife and family.



Oversees day-to-day operations to support business growth and strategically manage departments while providing creative direction to ensure client success, growth and satisfaction. Nate also focuses on building successful partnerships with Financial Institutions, Associations and Organizations.

Favorite part of your job: Collaborating with our Team to build a better merchant experience enhanced by technology and strong client relationships.

What would be your ideal way to spend a day off? Enjoying a warm, sunny day boating and surfing on the river with my family and friends.

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Lori joined TeamNPC as a receptionist in 1999. Presently she manages day-to-day operations by supervising our Boarding, Implementation and Customer Success Teams; taking lead on any ‘escalated’ support needs. Her personal work goals are to increase customer lifetime value, reduce attrition and bring in new customers through current client referrals.

Lori enjoys that her position allows her to build relationships based on trust with clients, understanding this is a key component in building successful long term relationships between the Processor and Merchant.



Experienced Financial Institution Relationship Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the merchant services industry. Skilled in Customer Acquisition, Coaching, Sales, and Team Building. Strong sales professional with a Bachelor’s degree focused in Business Administration and Management, General from Adrian College.

Favorite part of your job: Working closely with Financial Institutions to enhance their product line by offering merchant services through NPC!

What would be your ideal way to spend a day off? Spend time with my family outdoors; go to a local park, have a picnic and just be our goofy selves playing as if we are all as young as our son! If in the summer…..go out on the boat and relax on the water!



Tara joined TeamNPC as a receptionist in 2013; after relocating to Northwest Ohio from Virginia Beach.

Today she ensures brand consistency by strategically and tactically directing the efforts of all marketing, communications and public relations projects. Responsibilities include: planning, development and implementation of all marketing strategies, marketing communications, and public relations activities, both external and internal, the development and implementation of support materials for marketing, communications and public relations.

“NPC is my Family & Future – founded by my Uncle & Father, TeamNPC now represents a growing legacy to me. I am excited to be part of the next chapter for this innovative company and for the opportunity to help propel us to even greater heights.”



As a Special Projects Coordinator, Rick oversees various channels for the company such as Representative Commission Schedule Monthly, Compliance, advertisements for BBB and Chamber, NPC Newsletter, Email publishing, website design and social media advertising.

Favorite part of your job: Anything dealing with numbers.

What would be your ideal way to spend a day off? New to the area. My wife and I enjoy exploring and visiting relatives.



Debra’s expertise spans multiple levels of the financial industry. Her career began in banking and she quickly became well versed in lending, collections and credit card processing. If that wasn’t enough, she became proficient in the Tribal financial industry as well. Debra truly cherishes her long-term financial relationships built on trust and her solid reputation in the industry.

Favorite part of your job: You will constantly find her on the phone collaborating with her vast network of connections in an effort to assure all levels of communication and directions are clear and run smoothly in order to meet everyone’s satisfaction.

What would be your ideal way to spend a day off? A long day on the beach or being with family in Memphis.



As a Corporate Development Manager, Greg prides himself on the ability of creating and nurturing strong business relationships. Based on his experience, Greg digs into deep conversations with businesses and Financial Institutions to find the root of situations and discovers great solutions through the vast contacts, services and products in our portfolio. A win-win strategy is always top of mind!

Favorite part of your job: “kicking like a mule” with a very positive fun sense of humor! I truly enjoy meeting great business people in the field and the exchange of experiences and learning every day!

What would be your ideal way to spend a day off? A long bicycle ride on a warm summer day and sitting back in a comfortable chair sharing laughs with family and friends.