Load Paper – VeriFone Omni 3750 Credit Card Terminal

The VeriFone Omni 3750 is a great terminal for any type of business.  One of its many features is a quiet built-in thermal printer with an easy-to-load paper system.  To load paper into your machine, follow the steps below.

1.  Open the lid with the button located on the side of the terminal near the printer

2.  Set the paper into the cradle with it feeding from underneath  the roll

3.  Pull the loose end of the paper about 3 inches up towards the keypad

4.  Close the lid until is snaps securely into place

5.  Tear off the extra paper

*The paper does not need to be fed through the roller.  It is just drop and load.

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VeriFone Omni 3750 Credit Card Terminal

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